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“I have met many people in the field of Rock & Roll these past 60 years, but no one has impressed me more when it comes to reflecting on the history of this music genre. Tom Locke is a true Rock & Roll historian who really knows the detailed history of the evolution of this great music. He has written a book that is worth its weight in Solid Gold.”

Mr. Music, Norm N. Nite, legendary Deejay & Author

“Meeting Tom Locke, I knew right away he was steeped in stories from the classic rock era, as he played 45 RPM’s on his jukebox. For each song he played on his jukebox he had an intriguing anecdote. Moments In Time is a great way to rediscover a world of music, or fall in love with it for the first time if you were too young to remember. Preserving the history of a fun time in pop music is done in an engaging way. Tom Locke’s background information will open new dimensions for you, the reader, as you appreciate these moments in time with new ears and new eyes.”

Ray McGinnis,


Whistler Independent Book Awards Summary

All in all, this book was a treat. It was at once light-hearted and pleasurable reading, but it also highlighted the work and influence of many artists through the years, expanding this from a surface read into a bit of a historical exploration of an incredible period in music. I have already promised my son, who is a musician, that he can borrow my copy after I’m done with it as I know he – and any musicians or music lovers – would thoroughly enjoy it. I love that the structure is quick and easy – one can pick up the book and read one segment or several, depending on the time, and get full and engaging stories in each read.

WIBA, August 2023


Peace and Soul … Rock & Roll

Thank you again for a copy of your very informative book. As you can imagine, I know a lot of side-bar stuff when it comes to this genre of records. As such, I was pleasantly surprised to learn many tidbits about these classics that were new to me. ‘Course, on many of them, I recalled other esoteric shit that I would have loved to share with you.

Regardless, kudos to a fun read.

Terry Stewart, Past Pres. & CEO of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, May 2023


Best Book Ever!!!

I was just given your Moments in Time book….. love it!!!! I’m definitely a music fan; grew up singing in high school and college (Nicholls State) Thibodaux, La! Now Praise team at church! Thanks so much for doing this … what an ingenious idea! Can’t wait for new books .. not too many great songs in today ‘s music (my opinion) except Country! Lol ! But there are sooooo many 60s and really great 50s songs to collect! Good luck! Telling all my friends and family and classmates.

Sharon Metcalf Naquin, March 2023



I’ve been reading ‘Moments in Time’ and feel it can only be described as … Genius!

Extremely well researched and written. The concept using the QR code to refresh in your mind songs that were most likely, in my mind anyway, all but a forgotten memory or never known.

It’s almost ‘Phonolog-ish’ in historical accuracy that is laid out in story form with a 2023 enhanced tech (QR) twist. GENIUS!

Well done Tom.

George Burns, February 2023


A Wonderful Read That Puts A Smile On Your Face

There are so many songs of this era that are not too often played on the airwaves and almost forgotten. It is truly a gift to have these songs “rebirthed” as they bring back memories of times in your life. It is an interesting read on the story behind these songs, what inspired the artist/songwriters to write them, how they made it onto the charts and the connection between the artists, the origin of the songs and the country where they became hits.

Rose, January 2023


Fantastic Find!

Moments in Time is a way to experience the music as you read. All music lovers will enjoy. This is such a fun way to learn about the stories behind the song, and have a personal take of the artist. Very informative and comprehensive.

Catherine, January 2023


A Great Gift

I received my copy as a gift. At first glance, I was unsure what to think of it, but as it turns out, along with a pitcher of margaritas, It became the party’s hit. Our guests kept passing it around, challenging each other with musical knowledge. We had lots of laughs and revisited some great tunes. Now for the past few days, I have continued to enjoy the book and learning about a subject that I had thought I was so well versed in. Tom Locke, the author is an encyclopedia of knowledge of this rich period of our musical culture. Overall a very clever concept bound in a well-produced book.

Jim Bigham, December 2022


Observations By The Infamous Arturo

You took me down memory lane as I was singing along with all of the songs! My teenage years were spent with sports during the day and singing on the corner each evening. We thought we were good because the home owners never screamed or shot at us! I look forward to more.

Larry Watkins, November 2022


Life Long Learning

This is a truly delightful book. I learn something new every time I open it.

Vern Oakley, November 2022


Linking The Present With The Past

This book is a great example of connecting the digital Present with the analog Past.

With the Kindle version, you can simply click a link to listen the very song being written about. It immensely adds to the enjoyment of reading the book. I thank the Music industry for understanding that openly sharing these Golden Oldies is more important that protecting artistic rights for profit reasons.

One piece of advice…don’t expect to read and listen to just one song. Give yourself plenty of time to go through (if not all!) the background stories that Tom has masterfully told.

Gary W. October 2022


Fun To Read

I like that it is interactive. You can scan the QR code with your phone and it will take you to YouTube to play the song you are reading about.

Uncle G, August 2022


If you think you know music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, you’re in for a surprise!

In a word this book is brilliant! Tom is a true Rock and Roll historian. The book is incredibly interesting and so easy to read. Each selection (of which there are more than 100) is dealt with in just two pages and the inclusion of a QR code for each selection allows you to immediately hear the song being discussed. This is the first book I’ve seen with this interactive feature and Tom has presented it flawlessly. I always thought I knew a lot about 60s music – I don’t – but Tom sure does. If you buy only one book this year, do yourself a favour and make it this one.

Eric D. Whitehead, August 2022


A Fraternity Brother Reaches Out

I am into your book and I have to say that it is really enjoyable. I am impressed by the quality of your writing, the scope of your research and the comprehensiveness of the information that you have compiled.

Many recognizable songs! Very happy to see bands such as the Honeycombs included (one of my favourite one hit wonders).

Jeff Ross, April 2022


Great Read

A fascinating book outlining the things most of us do not know about the music we grew up with. For those who grew up in part of the 50’s but really became interested in music in the 60’s and 70’s , the stories in this book will put a smile on your face, and if you use the QR Code the sounds will bring pleasure to your ears.

Would strongly recommend this book as a must have for any music lover, and it will give you an opportunity to teach the kids and grandkids about the good music.

Neil Bishop, March 2022


Incredible Work

Fantastic. Can’t imagine how much work was put into the creation of this book. Congratulations Tom on a job well done.

Doug Damp, March 2022


Restaurant Follow Up

My wife Claire and I met you when we had lunch with Peter Boronkay at the Bacchus restaurant. I bought a copy of your book “ Moments in Time” thinking that it would be good for my daughter who is a music teacher. When I got home and had a look at the book I realized that this book is not for my daughter, it’s for me. I truly enjoyed it and the connection with the songs were amazing.

I passed the book to an English friend of mine and he is also loving it. Thanks for sharing your moments in time.

Nabob, February 2022


And You Thought You Knew Music … !

“Tom Locke’s “Moments in Time” is a “must read” for any music fan, not just those of us who grew up listening to Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and the Beatles. The research conducted by the author is profound. We learn about the writers’ inspiration, the singers, and the path the song took from the original manuscript to the airwaves, including on occasion, the battles for royalties and publication rights. A simple click on one’s cellphone camera on a barcode then enables the reader to actually connect to YouTube and listen to the song. Very cool. Who knew the Walker Brothers from the UK, who had the big hit “The Sun Ain’t Going to Shine Anymore” in 1966, were actually from Los Angeles and two of the three members changed their last name to ‘Walker’ to make it all work? Thanks to Mr. Locke, we now know!”

David N., February 2022


Great Rock & Roll Research

“Tom’s passion and precision come to life in this rock and roll reflection. Although I was born later, in the early sixties there are a number of tunes that bring back fond memories, e.g. “Tainted Love” and “Save The Last Dance For Me.” The links to hear the music is a clever touch, and it is interesting to see how many rock and roll tunes are new to me from the 50’s to the 60’s that Tom uncovered for his discerning readers and listeners. Highly recommended!”

Peter B., January 2022


An Unique Book

A wonderful tribute to the music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It brought back many memories of dancing to the jukebox music played at our home and on our weekend drives. The book is unique in that you can instantly hear the songs the book is referring to by a scan of a QR code. Reading about the music of this time and listening along brought me back to many special moments – the way music does, evoking memories.”

Cathy Wilson, November 2021


Do You Remember?

“If your a fan of music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s you will want to have a copy of my dear and long time friend Tom Locke’s new book “Moments In Time”. It is a fantastic account of some of the greatest records of our time. It is a one of a kind read that allows you to listen to the tunes written about in this book thanks to the amazing technology of QR codes. As a collector of the music of my life and possessing over 30,000 tracks in my personal collection, the tunes written about in Tom’s book will have you travelling back to your youth and reflecting on so many wonderful moments in time be it your high school days, experiencing the freedom related to the acquisition of your drivers license, never ending friendships, your first job or the excitement of your first date. I highly recommend this informative and enjoyable read to one and all and I know that it will make a great addition to anyone’s book collection as well as a unique gift for family and friends alike. Have fun reminiscing about the music we all grew up with and I trust you will enjoy this read as much as I did. Good ‘rockin’ to you all.”

Martin Silver, November 2021


A Must For Trivia Buffs

“There are so many songs of this era that are not too often played on the airwaves and almost forgotten. It is truly a gift to have these songs bring back memories in that time of your life. It is an interesting read on the story behind these songs, what inspired the artist/songwriters to write them, how they made it onto the charts and the connection between the artists, the origin of the songs and the country where they became hits.”

Rose, November 2021


Perfect Stocking Stuffer For Fans Of 50s, 60s, 70s Music

“Moments in Time is a delight. Meticulously researched and always fascinating, just like the Paul Harvey “And now you know the rest of the story” tales that originally inspired it.

“You can read it forward, backwards or skip around. And the ability to hear each song on their website using a QR code is downright brilliant. Buy several and give them to your music fan friends. They’ll thank you!”

Solstice, November 2021


A Review Passed On By Dorothy, a close friend of Michael Godin’s, host of Treasure Island Oldies

On New Year’s Day, Fred, 78 [Dorothy’s friend], wrote the following email that I [Dorothy] wanted you and hopefully Tom to see.

“Please pass along my kudos to Michael and his friend Tom Locke for Tom’s fascinating book – and thank you too! Extremely well researched it delves into some really esoteric information – it’s for uber rock ‘n roll fans from the ‘50s and ‘60s. It brought back circa ‘60 and ‘61 songs I hadn’t thought of for some time and with it the nostalgia and of course some in depth trivia. A one of a kind book!”

Fred, January 2022


“I got the book the day before we left for Africa. Since returning I have been reading and listening as directed. So much fun! Lots of stuff I had forgotten (“Sixty Minute Man”). Pure gold. When I’m done I’ll be sure to pass it on to a music loving friend of my age.”

Doug, January 2022


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