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The 80s exploded with color with everything from clothing to candy expressing bright vivid color. I  wonder if Miami Vice would’ve been so impactful if Crockett and Tubbs had worn black suits?

When it came to songs during the 80s there was no shortage of compositions with a color in the title. Quite a few of them made the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, including Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” (#6–1983) and “Purple Rain” (#2-1984),  Madonna’s “True Blue”(#3-1986), UB40’s remake of “Red Red Wine” (#34-1984 & #1-1988), the grateful Dead’s “Touch Of Grey” (#9-1987), and Debbie Gibson’s “Out Of The Blue” (#3-1988).

When it came to the color “white” there was one record that made it onto the Billboard Hot 100 that would go on to become a signature song of a new wave artist.


Released in 1982 as a single from the artist’s self-titled debut album, the song received positive reviews from critics. Its catchy melody, energetic vocals, and rebellious attitude resonated with audiences, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, where it achieved commercial success.

The song’s iconic music video, featuring the artist with his trademark sneer and punk-inspired attire, further solidified its popularity and cultural impact.

Apparently, while appearing on the nostalgic TV show I Love the 80s, the artist said that the inspiration for the song centered around his little sister who got pregnant at a young age and decided to marry the guy, which he was totally against, and that the song is supposed to indicate a general disgust for weddings.

The song remains one of Billy Idol’s most enduring and beloved hits, despite not being such a nice day for a “White Wedding.”

YouTube video of this song:

This “Moments In Time” story is yet another example of a “golden oldie” or forgotten favorite that earned its place in the evolution of Rock & Roll.