Airdate – Dec 12, 2021

Over the years many of us have developed a fond appeal for “story” records. One of the great storytellers, who remains preserved on vinyl, is the legendary Jimmy Dean. He had a number of story records – some of the most memorable that come to mind are “To A Sleeping Beauty,” his #1 hit “Big Bad John,” and “I.O.U.,” a tribute record played on Treasure Island Oldies every Mother’s Day.

As to other entertainers who developed the knack of recording stories, tonight we take you back to an artist’s reminiscing on what small towns were like at Christmas back in the day.


In February of this year, our featured artist, who is originally from Alabama, became just the ninth recipient of the Country Music Association’s Joe Talbot Award, which recognizes “outstanding leadership and contributions to the preservation and advancement of Country Music’s values and traditions.”

After a 10 year career as a radio host in Mobile, Alabama, this Country Music influencer moved to Nashville in 1968 and played an integral role in the shaping of this genre, which included the founding of the Country Radio Seminar. Today you can find him on SiriusXM satellite radio as a host on Willie’s Roadhouse.

His contacts are so extensive that he is often referred to as “the mayor of Music Row.”

In 2011, he recorded a story record that he co-wrote with Jim Weatherly – a story that takes us back to yesteryear and what it was like at Christmas time in small towns like the fictious Mayberry, a town many of us can relate to.

In telling this Christmas story, “the mayor of Music Row,” better known as Charlie Monk, delivers a very poignant message focused on the “reason for the season.”

So grab a seat by the fireplace, lean back, and let Charlie Monk share his memories via an “Andy & Opie Christmas,” this week’s Tom Locke moment in time.

YouTube video of this song: