Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Non-Fiction – Music/Entertainment book “Moments In Time” by Tom Locke, currently available at

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Reviewed By Randy B. Lichtman for Readers’ Favorite – Oct 19, 2022

“A simple formula of introducing a song, the rest of the story, the QR code, and the song. Simple and also effective in bringing interesting information about some of the songs we know, and many we have never heard. That’s the beauty of Tom Locke’s Moments in Time: Stories about Artists and Songs of the 50s, 60s and 70s for Fans of Music…From a Music Fan.

The book presents many facts not often known about the origins of songs, including the similarity of “Rock Around the Clock” to Hank William’s “Move It on Over”, Johnny Cash’s recording of “Ring of Fire” first recorded by June Carter Cash’s sister and the interesting journey of the Bachelors and their song “Marie”. Buddy Holly’s “True Love Ways” is described as borrowing from the gospel song “I’ll Be Alright” which was one of his favorites.

The QR Codes bring the recordings to the reader, who listens to them after learning the background. It is truly a living book that can be read and played in any order. The songs are grouped by their categories rather than as a chronology. These include Early Days of Rock and Roll, From R and B to You and Me, Street Corner Harmony, Group Dynamics, The Girls with the Biggest Hits, Country Crossovers, From Across the Pond, Great Disappearing Acts, and several other sections with a wide variety of songs and their origins. Even strange songs like “The Ballad of Irving”, “Potato Chips”, “More Money for You and Me”, and “Yogi” were included as Just for Fun in the collection.

“Here’s the Rest of the Story” is Paul Harvey’s formula which the author adopts for a series of radio scripts that make up the contents of this book about songs, the stories surrounding them, and the artists that made them famous. In Moments in Time by Tom Locke, readers can read the stories and listen to the music for many enjoyable hours.”